Exercises In The Gym Or Outdoors, What Is The Best Option?

Practicing outdoor exercise has become more and more a healthy habit, and the place par excellence is the parks and plaza, where you can see several groups of people training. Some of these groups are individuals made up of physical education teachers or physical trainers who offer their services for a sum of money, but this sporting trend has also motivated municipalities to give it free of charge in their public spaces.

However, before the different offer of physical activities, the question arises as to which is the best place to train: “Is it better to exercise outdoors or enrol in a gym?“. Both modalities have their benefits and disadvantages.

 “The benefits of practicing outdoor physical activity are related to improving breathing by taking fresh air, which helps in psychological aspects such as stress and tension. When we do physical exercise in the open air, we do not have an associated cost, nor times of entry or exit. One disadvantage of choosing exercises outside the home is that the weather conditions it. Tends to decrease physical activity in cold or rainy days, “says the head of race Deportivo senior technician at the University of the Pacific, Andrea Lobos.

According to research by the University of Indiana,  exercise outdoors achieves a higher quality of oxygenation when in contact with the environment, generates a sense of freedom and also helps reduce anxiety. Twenty minutes of physical activity is enough to decrease this sensation. Its also a good idea and good practice to do jogging on a beach, just make sure bring a great beach shade tent that you can put your things, water, food and towels.  Finally, exercising outdoors benefit the absorption of vitamin D, since we are exposed to natural light directly.

On the other hand, practising physical activity in a gym, with a personal trainer, and with machines, is a desirable activity, especially for people who find it difficult to motivate themselves to train.

Playing sports in a gym favors the action since it has the equipment to perform different activities. It also helps in socializing, maintaining a daily routine, you can have specialized personnel in evaluation and training, there are workshop options such as dance, aerobics, etc. However, a minor disadvantage is that it costs money and there are services like a personal trainer that mean an additional cost. Also, there are those who feel locked away and easily demotivated by the routine of a gym, “Lobos says, and

finally, the specialist affirms that it is up to each person to choose the space they like best to practice sports since both have advantages and disadvantages. “The idea is to bring a combination of both. Achieving balance depends on the objectives of the training and the characteristics of the person, “concludes the specialist.